Managed solutions  

You will have more time to unleash the potential of your business because we will take care of the technical side of the Internet for your company.

Cloud solutions for results-driven creative marketing

Cloud service

Cloud technology significantly reduces IT costs by eliminating on-premises file and email servers. Anywhere, anytime, fast sharing of data and information.

Internet Solutions

We believe that all successful websites should not only look great, but also be a sales channel. We create solutions that help you achieve your goals easily and efficiently.

Graphic Design

We believe that well-designed branding conveys emotion; it has tone, personality, texture, and conveys messages before a single word is read on the page.

Marketing Support

Marketing is only effective if it sells your products and services. We keep this concept at the forefront of our minds and see ourselves as your partners in making and keeping your business successful.

All-in-one solution

All-in-one solution

Are you starting a new company or just want to redesign your business? We can help you with your logo, brand identity, domain registration and management, prepare email server, cloud system, video conferencing, chat system, website and other online tools for your business so you can focus more on your goals.


Data Distribution

Products are constantly evolving with improvements, new additions and replacements. It takes a lot of effort to keep the data up to date, but when it comes to distributing the information, things get even more complicated. A solution that can simplify the process will certainly have an impact on your sales.



The Internet age has made the world smaller. Therefore, it is important to provide information in the appropriate language. Having an option that can help you with translations for your online content as well as printed documents will certainly have an impact on expanding your business across regions.



DataNubo is the cloud solution developed and maintained by NuboPoint, the IT department of EximiTech. It is a complete environment to support your business and make the data always accessible. It is more than a file sharing system, in fact, it also includes email server, video meeting platform, chat system and more.

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Web design website


AdminiWeb is the advanced platform, based on own development, for managing online presentations, e-commerce, blog system and more. It is more than CMS, in fact it includes Product Information Management, Product Experience Management, Digital Asset Management and more applications that can improve your business online.

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